Safex Bend Tempered Glass

Safex Bend Tempered glass is made by heating float glass to just below it’s softening temperature and is then bent to a pre-determined radius or arc-depth to create unique profile with optimal optical performance.

Applications :

  Car window, front and back glass
    Truck and Lorry Window and front glass
    Rear and side wall of sport courts
    Heat Soaked Glass
    Shop fronts


  Safex Bend Toughened Glass possesses the same strength and thermal properties as Safex solid tempered glass at a higher aesthetical appeal. It can be suitably fabricated with holes, notches and cutouts prior to heat treatment for use in doors and facades.



  Maximum Size : 2440mm x 1300mm (1300mm bending side)

  Minimum Size : 350mm x 500mm (500mm bending side)

  Minimum Radius up to 8mm glass : 650mm

  Minimum Radius above 8mm : 1000mm

  Thickness : 3.5mm to 19mm

  Glass Type : Clear, Tinted


  Once toughened the glass cannot be cut, drilled, bevelled, deep etched or acid treated in any kind.
  Strain pattern is not a defect, this is a common characteristic of all tempered glass. This is visible when toughened glass is viewed at sharp angles or under certain lighting conditions.
  Spontaneous breakage is a result of impact damage, internal inclusions, wild splatter or windblown debris. Where this breakage is a concern, heat strengthened/ heat soaked glass should be considered.
  As toughened glass is heat treated, bow, wrap or roller mark distorted may be evident. This is within limits set by ASTM standard. - Hindustan Glass Works Ltd.

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